Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website


The following Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website (hereinafter Conditions) adhere to the Standard Commercial Conditions and to the Particular Agreements that Talent Acquisition Partners S.r.l. (hereinafter “TA Partners”) and Talent Acquisition Partners Ltd have agreed with the Clients each time they present them with a Candidate for their selection or their acceptance. The Standard Commercial Conditions and the eventual Particular Agreements will be timely transmitted to the Client in a hard copy at the moment of the request to activate the task to research and select the Candidates.


Conditions for the Use of the Website

The following Conditions rule the access and use of the website www.tapartners.org (hereinafter the website), property of TA Partners, including all the subdomains, services and contents accessible through the website. Any person accessing and consulting the website, automatically declares that they accept and respect the present Conditions. The mere consultation of the website imply the automatic acceptance of the Conditions. The website does not provide access or log in using identification codes and keywords.

TA Partners reserves, for whatever reason, including those of a technical nature, the privilege of changing or disabling the services accessible through the website and / or restrict access to parts of the site without notice, and disclaims any liability if the website becomes partially or completely inaccessible at any given time, for technical or other reasons.

Any person accessing and consulting the website accepts the responsibility for any agreement that becomes necessary in order to access the website, including the responsibility that any individual accessing the website through the internet has to read these Conditions and ensure that they are respected by the user.

TA Partners provides access to the website in order to offer information regarding their own modus operandi within the research and personnel selection process, and their coaching services. It also offers the clients and candidate the possibility of contacting the operator through a message and sending the respective attachments. Any person using the website in order to transfer information to TA Partners is committed to: a) not sending or using virus, materials, malware, scripts or any other means that could possibly interfere with the correct administration of the website; b) not overloading the website with an excessive amount of data or Spam, delete or modify any information found on the website, or, by any means, take any action to slow down its correct administration and operational management; c) not to act, directly or indirectly, in an unlawful or defamatory way that could harm third party reputation or the reputation of TA Partners; d) to not sending messages or attachments containing information or materials which are illicit, defamatory, or inappropriate within a professional context; e) to not sending any messages or attachments containing false, incomplete or inexact information (including, in the case of candidates, any information related to their professional history, to their personal or biographic aspects, and their own eventual availability to change working positions).

TA Partners reserves the prerogative to determine at its sole discretion any deficiencies in relation to what is stated in paragraphs 4 a), 4 b), 4 c), 4 d) and 4 e) and to put in place without notice the appropriate measures to prevent access to the website or the deletion from the site of the content that doesn’t comply with the above points.

Any variations or amendments made to the Conditions is and will be informed exclusively through this website.

Any disposition of these Conditions (which can be noted by the separations suggested by punctuation) is considered individual, distinct and separable. If any disposition of these Conditions should be considered by an Italian court as unenforceable in some measure, such a measure may be amended or deleted from the Terms and Conditions, but the remaining dispositions, including the so modified, will still be valid.

These Commercial Conditions are subject to Italian law. Therefore, they must be interpreted in all respects in accordance with Italian law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin; and, in the event of a trial, the parties agree to use Italian as the prevalent language.


Intellectual Property

The contents present on the website are a property of TA Partners, awarded through a license of use from third parties. Any content or element present on the website including text, photographs, images, illustrations, audio-visual content, trademarks, logos or other content is protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and intellectual property laws valid at national and international level. Any person accessing the website commits to respect integrally any intellectual property rights related to the website and its contents and services, regardless of whether these rights belong to TA Partners, Talent Acquisition Partners Ltd, or third parties.  It is expressly forbidden to copy, print, reproduce, modify, manipulate, disassemble, decodify, rebuild through “reverse engineering”, re-encode, distribute, extract, collect (including through “scraping” methodologies) use or reuse in any way for commercial reasons any page, content, code information or the software available on the website, except as specifically  permitted by the Standard Commercial Conditions or Particular Agreements, or if the owners of the relevant intellectual property rights have granted written permission for that purpose, or if there is a legal authorization to proceed according to law.

Apart from the statements disclosed in the preceding paragraph, these Conditions or the use of the website do not automatically confer any rights of intellectual property over the content on the website.


Hyperlinks to other websites

The websites contain hyperlinks to third party websites (links) that could result of interest for those consulting the website. TA Partners decline any responsibility regarding the information and the contents available at the third party links present on the website. TA Partners declines as well any other responsibility regarding the correct performance and the accessibility of any third party website linked or accessible through this website. Any third party who wishes to link their own website to this site will be automatically authorized, provided that the hyperlink references exclusively at the main page www.tapartners.org (home page) and that TA Partners has been properly informed by a written communication via email, sent to info@tapartners.org. TA Partners reserves the exclusive faculty of denying, according to their own discretion and without the need for motivation, the authorization to link third party websites to this site, if they consider its presence is inappropriate. It is expressly forbidden the attachment via “deep link” and “framing”.


Personal Data

All personal data are collected and used according to the website’s Privacy Policy (consult here) and with the regulations on personal data collection that can be downloaded from the link below under the heading Information on personal data collection.

Assuming that the website collects statistics about visitors in order to improve search and selection services offered to Candidates and Clients, the data collected will only add value and may be shared with third parties only in order to improve access and the fruition of services offered through the website.


Information on Personal Data Collection

Download here


Limits on Responsibility

TA Partners declines any responsibility regarding the completeness, accuracy, precision and lack of errors on the website and of the information, contents and services offered on it and accessible through it. TA Partners does not guarantee in any way that the server that hosts the website is free of virus or malware that can harm visitors, nor that visitors’ use of the website could not violate third party rights.

TA Partners also declines any responsibility over potential damages or loses, directly or indirectly, derived from the use of the information, contents or services of the website. It also declines any other responsibilities for any lost profits, emerging damages, a loss of current or future job (and of their fees or salaries, bonuses or benefits of any kind), image damage, legal fees, loss of operational, administrative or managerial time, loss of data, interruption or loss of business activity, consulting or business expenses that may be incurred in any way, directly, indirectly or consequently and regardless of the type of action (including contracts, abuse and negligence) by the content, the services and/or the information made available on this website.

The use and fruition of the website and all its services and contents are of exclusive responsibility of the visitor, who takes charge of the risk derived from the use of the website; and the website, including all its contents and services, is provided as it is, without being offered by TA Partners any express or implied guaranty of any kind, including guaranties of suitability or adequacy or accuracy of its content, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties.

Any person visiting the website agrees to indemnify and compensate in full TA Partners in relation to any legal expenses, cause, grievance, loss or claim of any kind that may arise from their own use or misuse of the website.



For observations, questions, comments or information about the present Conditions, please send an email to uk@tapartners.org.