Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get in touch with a consultant to discuss my career options?

We would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to book a call with us.

Why don’t you advertise open positions on the website?

Our purpose is to enrich and complete our clients’ talent acquisition strategies. The adoption of advertising tools is a sourcing method that companies can employ directly and is something that our clients sometimes use in parallel with our services.

TA Partners provides its clients with an alternative direct approach method aimed at generating unique applications from candidates who are brilliant but are not actively looking for a job change and are usually not receptive to online advertising. Hence, open positions are not advertised on the website.

Why do you decline some search assignments?

As specialists, we are sure to add value to our clients in the sectors in which we have acquired direct and consolidated experience. If a search falls outside of our various areas of competence, we prefer to refer the client to other sources.

Additionally, we can choose to decline a search assignment if we believe that the role will not appeal to passive candidates, or if we are not totally sure that both the role and the company guarantee the best long-term perspectives to the applicants.

How do you select which clients to represent in the market?

In every industrial sector, we are meticulous when it comes to differentiating whom to represent as clients amongst the companies at hand.

If in a given sector we have attained a sufficient coverage of the market with a selection of key accounts, as a result, we are professionally motivated to not expand the client base.

The only exception to the rule applies when we are directly representing a highly skilled candidate and have agreed to approach a specific list of potential employers on his or her behalf.

In all cases, to protect the interests of our candidates, we are always selective with respect to the activation of new partnerships. Each time, before deciding, we evaluate parameters such as long-term growth, opportunities for internal development, and the overall reputation of the new client in their sector.

Why do you coach clients on online recruitment techniques?

We aim at offering our clients a complete and structured platform of talent acquisition services. There are some activities, such as the use of job boards and social networking sites, which our clients can act on directly, and upon request, we are delighted to support their internal recruitment teams by sharing the techniques and best practices when handling these tools. We can do this because we’re sure that our core services and direct recruitment approach, based on mapping and headhunting, maintain great effectiveness as they reach a wider and deeper pool of passive talent.

More questions?

If you have any other question, you can contact us here.